The Trial GB series is the official ACU British Motorcycle Trials Championship since 1950. It is the oldest domestic national level trials competiton in the world, and the producer of some of the sports finest athletes.

A Trial is a test of riding skill and balance over a variety of observed obstacles with riders incuring penalties for footing or for failing to fulfil other conditions. Trials events require the competitor to complete individually observed zones, known as sections. There is a time limit of one minute and thirty seconds per section, in addition to a time limit to complete the entire course. The participants journey through each section who is judged by an ‘observer’ who records a score. These scores are totalled across all 36 sections and the rider with the lowest score will win the day. It is very similar to golf. It is the rider vs the course.

Trials is famed for the athletes extreme finesse and fine control of the motorcycle. In no other motorsport will you witness such balance, determination and commitment from the riders to complete the course, and in no other motorsport will you be able to get so close to the action!

If you have never seen a Motorcycle Trial then the Trial GB series features Great Britain’s finest athletes, some of whom also compete on the world stage. The course is designed to be compact, with on site toilet facilities, catering, and hospitality areas. 

Trial GB events are hosted by some very prestigious motorcycle trials clubs in the country. Our trials community is extremely friendly, so if you have yet to experience the sport of Motorcycle Trials, Trial GB offers a cheap fun filled day of entertainment in the countryside, suitable for all ages.

Please explore the website sections to learn more about the riders and teams, find out the latest results, or simply navigate to the events section to find an event nearby.

If you still have something you would like to know more about or need help with then please use our contact form to get in touch with us and one of our team will get back to you as soon as we can.

Barry Huskinson | ACU Trial GB Series Manager



The very best! Professional & Semi Professional British Trials athletes. Competing on the hardest route. Many of these riders also compete in world level competition!


Our primary support class. These athletes compete on the intermediate route around the course. Many of the competitors are ex world level athletes still pushing the limits, or younger upcoming riders gaining experience.


Our secondary support class. Riders compete an easier 'Expert' route through the course. Don't let that fool you! These ladies & gentleman are all fantastic riders, many of whom represent clubs at centre level.

TRIAL GB. Home of the ACU British Motorcycle Championship Since 1950

Motorcycle trials traces its origins back to Scotland, and the first reliability ‘trials’ held in 1910. Since then both the sport and its machinery have evolved into the specialist motorcycles and riding techniques we see today. The sport is the ultimate test of motorcycle control, balance & commitment. The riding today is simply breathtaking!

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